What A Banger (But No Fist Pumping)

Just for the record (and my ego) here’s my prediction from April again:

BTCUSD 1-Week Reversal Prediction

Here’s what happened:

BTCUSD 1-Week Price Action
BTCUSD 1-Week Price Action

We didn’t quite tag the 60k mark. Instead, the price fizzled out. I think this is called dropping on no-bid. There were no more buyers left at that price so it can only go one way.

But price prediction alone is useless if you can’t execute. On this particular swing, I managed to get short (eventually) with a tight stop loss:


A tiny position as I build up this account. Slow and steady. This was on BitMex, where they actually hit the monthly level at around 45k.

I felt that warm fuzzy feeling of satisfaction (maybe it’s dopamine). But, remaining calm and not celebrating. Emotionless trading for the win.

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