BTCUSD: Support Hit, Where Next?

We got a nice pop from the 55575 support, my prediction was bang on.

I’m now expecting some volume to come in and push the price up towards 61165.

First, they need to break 57207.

BTCUSD 4-Hour Support Held
BTCUSD 4-Hour Support Held

I want to see a close above 57935 today, to maintain the 2-day bull trend.

BTCUSD 2-Day Bull Trend
BTCUSD 2-Day Bull Trend

After almost 2 months of choppy price action on the 1-day chart there will be plenty of liquidity in this area:

BTCUSD 1-Day Chart Liquidity

Bears that entered short positions over the last 2 months will have stops placed around here. Short stops = buy orders, so expect the price to rocket higher.

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