BTCUSD: End-of-Month Volatility

As expected, we’re seeing some end-of-month (and 3-month) volatility:

BTCUSD 1-Hour Volatility
BTCUSD 1-Hour Volatility

Let’s see if they hold 57207 and then 55575.

The Bigger Picture

There’s a lot going on today. We have the 3-month paint, 1-month paint, and 3-day paint.

Starting with the 3-day chart:

BTCUSD 3-Day Bear Trend
BTCUSD 3-Day Bear Trend

If they close below 57207, it would signal a continuation of the 3-day bear trend from the highs of mid-March.

On the 1-day and 12-hour time frames, we have an intact bull trend:

BTCUSD 12-Hour Bull Trend

They need to close above the 57011 area for continuation. We’ll get a clue when the 12-hour candle closes in 3 hours from now.

It could be a bumpy ride today, so strap in.

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