BTCUSD: (Bullish AF) 3-Month Candle Close

What? March is over already? It’ll be Christmas again soon.

Well, maybe not quite yet. But the end of March does bring the first 3-month candle close for 2021. And it’s bullish AF for Bitcoin:

BTCUSD 3-Month Chart
BTCUSD 3-Month Chart

The previous 3-month paint back in January, saw them push through 13880 to make a new all-time-high close.

And they’re on track to do it again next week, by closing above 28992.

Zooming out and looking at higher timeframes like the 3-month can help put things into perspective. While the short-term price action may appear weak, the bulls are still well in control here.

But Jesse – What About Volume?

As your man Jesse Livermore would say:

Jesse Livermore's Notes on Volume and Price
Jesse Livermore’s Notes on Volume and Price

This is classic volume/price analysis, which when you think about it, makes perfect sense.

Higher prices should rarefy the buying power. But it does not. Splendid.

Looking at the 3-month BTCUSD chart with volume:

BTCUSD 3-Month Chart Volume Analysis
BTCUSD 3-Month Chart Volume Analysis

Technically, there’s really no reason to be bearish on this timeframe. The trend is your friend.

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